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Costa Smeralda is a 55 km long coastal area in the northern Sardinia. It is surrounded with some beautiful beaches spreading across a large area. The beaches in this region are very charming and surrounded by villages which are built according to the organized urban plan. The place is usually visited by tourists all across the globe coming from different sectors like business, entertainment as well as politics. The lovely sea view makes the most of the tourists attraction. The place is the perfect destination to plan a long family holiday and is also preferred by groups of adventurous travelers. The accommodation is the prime concern for the visiting tourists. The tourists destinations like Costa Smeralda has a fairly planned accommodation plan to offer as the hotel accommodation is best suited for all the class of travelers. The place is full of world class eating points and a memorable nightlife also there are many wellness centres that take care of your health. The structures here are well built with scenic surroundings and accounting together the place is one among the favourite holiday destinations.

Tourist can visit Costa Smeralda through the airways as this place is well connected to the peninsula Olbia airport that can hold hundreds of aircraft and carry out international and national stopovers. Sardinia is a region and best option for airport as many companies allow connections with it and Alitalia performs daily connections from Venice, Rome, Milan and many other cities, which makes the flight landing easier. You get many cheap fares flights if you are planning your trip to Costa Smeralda in advance.